The Merging of Two Worlds
  Roy E. Bourque      

Roy E. Bourque


1971 Graduated High School; Forrest Hills High, Jackman, Maine.

1971-1976 U.S. Navy Schools:

  • Interior Communications Cass “A” School. – Basic electricity and electronics for communications, systems monitoring, and control circuits.
  • Navy Nuclear Power School, Bainbridge, MD. – Classes included advanced mathematics, nuclear and conventional physics and chemistry, electromagnetic theory, electrical generation theory and application, fundamentals of nuclear power plant design and operation, thermodynamics and fluid flow.
  • Nuclear Power Prototype School, S1C prototype, Windsor Locks, CT. – Electrical operations training for nuclear powered generating plant
  • Specialty Schools; Storage Battery, Variable Speed Motor Controllers, Voltage Regulator for 300KV motor-generator set, Sound Vibration and Analysis of Rotating Machinery.

1978: Industrial Electronics Specialist Certificate; International Correspondence Schools:

  • Radio and TV fundamentals
  • Industrial systems monitoring, telemetry, and control circuits
  • Electronics test equipment

College courses completed; Pre-Calculus Math, Calculus, General Psychology


Norwich Public Utilities; January 1978-July 2009 (retired)

  • January 1978  - Hired as Assistant Watch Engineer: trained to operate, start, stop, and control hydroelectric generators, gas turbine generator, and electrical distribution system for city owned utility. Trained to monitor system parameters for possible signs of trouble. Trained to handle customer problems and to dispatch trouble crews as required.
  • 1980 - Promoted to Watch Engineer: In charge of training new personnel on system operations and customer related problems. Reported system troubles to Senior Watch Engineer for corrective action. Coordinated electrical system outage restoration. Dispatched crews for gas, sewer, and water system troubles. Maintained system logs and record keeping.
  • 1995 - Promoted to Senior Watch Engineer: Supervised Utility Control Room Operations and shift personnel. In charge of writing system operating procedures and customer interface instruction manuals. Responsible for coordinating system outage restoration procedures. Responsible for switching orders to remove equipment for service. Responsible for administering safety program for Control Room Operators. Coordinated with Line Crew Chief and Electrical Engineer for system upgrades and identifying system problems for future growth. Coordinated with Mechanical and Electrical crews to remove electrical generating and substation equipment from service for maintenance. Coordinated with Customer Service Manager for proper handling of customer related problems.


Born; October 09, 1952, Malden Mass.

Religion; raised as a Roman Catholic, later to become a non-denominational Christian

Military: U.S. Navy; August 1971 - August 1977:

  • Submarine duty, Secret clearance
  • Qualified (1) Submarines, (2) Auxiliary Electrician, (3) Throttle man, and (4) Electrical Operator
  • Rank IC1-SS, Honorable Discharge.

Married with two stepchildren

Homeowner since 1978

Accomplishments; Certified SCUBA diver, Licensed Private Pilot, Freelance Photographer, Freelance Lighting Designer for Community Theater.

Member of Civil Air Patrol since 1995: Thames River Composite Squadron

  • Rank – Major
  • In charge of squadron ground operations for emergency services search and rescue.
  • Participate in Cadet and Aerospace Education training programs

Personal Studies

Conducted independent research in religious studies in following areas;

  • Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism
  • Christianity
  • Fundamentals of World Religions
  • Mythology
  • Mayan Calendar

Conducted independent research in scientific studies in following areas;

  • Evolution
  • Cosmology

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