The Merging of Two Worlds
  Roy E. Bourque      
Breakdown of chapters

Chapter one: Deals with the controversy between religion and science, and introduces the idea of split-brain psychology to explain why religion and science see things quite differently.

Chapter two: Presents various beliefs, how those beliefs came to be accepted, how wrong some of them have been, and the effects that they have had on the people who ascribed to those beliefs.

Chapter three: Talks about my own walk of faith, some of the the spiritual experiences I have had, and what those experiences have taught me concerning the teachings of religion, including their ties to science.

Chapter four: Speaks of the effects that child abuse had on my first wife, how they manifested themselves in her psychology, and some the spiritual encounters that occurred in the process.

Chapter five: Expresses the book of Genesis as a mythology using the teachings of Eastern philosophy to explain what the symbols in the story represent and why the story unfolded as it did.

Chapter six: Uses the principles of mythology to explain what the book of Exodus is trying to tell us, comparing the teachings of Moses with the teachings of Eastern philosophy to unlock their secrets.

Chapter seven: Describes the processes of evolution and explains where religion fits into the picture.

Chapter eight: Explains why good and evil exist and what we can do to change it for the better.

Chapter nine: Delves into processes of the mind and how our thoughts are affected by the conditions that surround our daily lives.

Chapter ten: Speaks of ancient mysteries, capitalizing on the Mayan calendar and what it has to say concerning where we have been and where we are going.

Chapter eleven: Describes the life and teachings of Jesus "The Christ", and what it has to do with Christ Consciousness.

Chapter twelve: Puts many ideas together to reveal a coming spiritual transformation. What will result from it is yet to be seen. But given dark matter and string theory, what we don't know about the universe may far exceed what we presently do. I say it's going to be an interesting journey.

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