The Merging of Two Worlds
  Roy E. Bourque      

The Catholic church, in its attempt to separate science from dogma, also unwittingly separated God from reality. It was an error that may haunt them in time to come. For since then, anything that comes with an explanation is no longer attributed to God. This is what has become known as "the God of the gaps" in the science community. As a result, science is slowly removing God from the secular world.

At the age of nine, I had a spiritual experience while meditating on the word God. It would forever change my view of what the word meant. The church and my secular school teachers were incapable of helping me understand what I had experienced. Eleven years later, I would find myself in a nuclear physics class, and what I had experienced eleven years earlier would now come with an explanation. It was the quantum world, the foundation upon which all natural laws, forces, processes, and structures would emerge.

Murphy once said "an easily understood, workable falsehood has more value than an incomprehensible truth." God as a male deity was never true any more than Aristotle's crystal spheres holding up the stars and planets had any truth to it. It reduced God to the human level where it was conceivable, but in doing so, it corrupted the true essence of God.

GOD is the life force of the cosmos. It is the power that drives the quantum world matrix. It is the foundation upon which the fabric of space and time is built. It is everywhere, it is invisible, it is the alpha and the omega. It is perfect throughout the cosmos. It has no form. It has no boundaries. It fills the universe. It is the source from which all forms are made manifest. The fundamental forces of nature are all emanations of the source. All that exists is the form that God has taken. You are a part of it all.

Jesus represented God on earth. He never harmed a single soul, nor was he capable of it. I suggest you commit that to memory. The modern Christian church preaches a different Jesus. The road to reformation is never closed to any soul, here or hereafter.


This is likely the most misunderstood scripture in all of sacred text that pertains to God, for it seems to imply that God is in the image of a man. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is the creator (or creative aspect of the cosmos). We possess creative ability. It is our ability to create that makes us made in the image of the creator. It has nothing to do with what either one looks like.

All human conceptions of God are easily understood, workable falsehoods. It results from trying to bring God down to our level as opposed to bringing ourselves up to God's level. The mystics made it clear that God is beyond all forms, beyond all manifestations. Humanity, in its attempt to understand God, created anthropomorphic (human-like) personifications (or images) to represent God. Yet none of these images are real. The atheist who rejects these images is correct concerning these images. Yet, beyond all personifications, beyond all human conceptions, is the ineffable mystery, without which, there is no cosmos.


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