The Merging of Two Worlds
  Roy E. Bourque      
Other sources



My book is intended to stir a curiosity into Christ-consciousness, or Cosmic consciousness as it is also known, and to reveal where many misconceptions have come. The following links are to other websites that provide additional sources of information related to the further advancement of the soul.


A definition of cosmic consciousness according to Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom 
The Arcanum

A definition of Christ consciousness according to Hermetic philosophy

Swedenborg on the Tabernacle; a detailed esoteric explanation on the structure and meaning of the Hebrew Tabernacle.

A Christian Manifesto by Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer

Edgar Cayce and the “Association for Research and Enlightenment”

Manly P. Hall; “The Secret Teaching of all Ages” – a compilation of esoteric literature from ancient times to the present.

Articles on the psychology of spirituality and issues of the mind

Science Daily on mind, brain, and spirituality

 The book of Life; Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records

Kabbalah; Jewish thought on creation at its higher levels

An introduction to quantum physics, the scientific fundamental basis of all phenomena of the physical realm

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