The Merging of Two Worlds
  Roy E. Bourque      
evolution or creation

Evidence of Evolutionary Change

In the brief interval of recorded history, we have documented evolutionary changes brought about by selective breeding of livestock and cross-pollination of agriculture. We know that evolutionary changes occur. We have watched it happen. We are actively engaged in the use of the process for our own benefit.

In the medical profession, we are plotting and developing new medicines as we watch existing strains of viruses develop resistance to the medicines once available. We are in fact, watching viruses evolve over time.

From the fossil record, we know that species come and go. We know that the number of species living today is only a fraction of those that have lived. We are watching and recording species now on the brink of extinction.

Our natural history museums are full of dinosaur bones, remnants of a massive extinction. We know that they once lived in large numbers. We know that there are none left.

From the geological record, we know that major changes have occurred in the history of the earth's climate and in the structure of the earth's surface. We have witnessed earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We record the movement of tectonic plates. We find sea life fossils at the tops of mountains. We see the effects of erosion. We are watching the landscape become reconfigured as time goes by. And the geological record has left many traces of where such processes have occurred in the past.

We take core samples of the arctic ice and of the sediments at the bottom of the sea. We analyze them for what clues they hold. They tell a story of advancing and receding ice ages, of magnetic pole shifts, of cataclysmic changes in the earth's crust.

We look at the moon and see the effects of impact craters. And we know that similar events must have occurred here on earth. Due to wind and water, much of the evidence has been erased through erosion. Yet traces still remain. Meteor Crater in Arizona is an example of a fairly recent impact crater that is still very apparent.

That the earth is a shifting place, and that life adapts to changes in climate and food sources, is more than a theory. And that evolutionary changes occur over time is also more than a theory. These are well known and documented facts. What is not known are the specific details of how life arose in the first place and the specific details of what governs evolutionary change. Many call it an accident. But all accidents have a cause, and our "accident" investigation regarding evolution is still in its infancy. Scientists have proved that evolution occurs. They haven’t proved that life is only a cosmic accident, nor are they capable of proving it because they don’t know enough about it. What they discover in the future may yet change the whole argument.

Creation according to Genesis

We know from the fossil record that life developed in stages and that we are a recent arrival. We also know through research in mitochondrial DNA that humans living today may all have descended from a common ancestor. But that same research places the timeline for that common ancestor some 200,000 years ago (See NOVA online, “Neanderthals on Trial”).

Although evolutionists cannot prove that the transition between stages is regulated purely by random changes, they can prove that life wasn’t created all at the same time. It was a process that spanned millions of years. What then does this have to say about the biblical creation story in Genesis?

The time leading to the national cycle of the Mayan calendar began just under 6000 years ago (see section on the Mayan calendar). Since that time all the world’s nations and all the world’s religions came into existence. That is as far back as Genesis goes. It is dealing with modern man and the issues that modern man has to deal with since the time of the first civilizations. Whatever may have happened before is of no concern with whomever wrote Genesis. That does not mean to say that nothing happened before, only that it is irrelevant to what the writer is trying to convey.

The Mayan calendar stages are divided into thirteen segments. They were regarded as seven days and six nights according to the Mayan people. And this is the same time span that God creates in Genesis. What the story of Genesis reveals about the creation is all built on mythical symbols. The meaning of those symbols are what is missing in modern religious institutions. Chapter five and six of the book will reveal much about where those symbols came from and what they represent. It gives Genesis a whole new meaning.

The Judeo-Christian tradition developed in Europe, whereas the Mayan calendar developed in Central America. Yet the development of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition fits into the segments of the Mayan national cycle (also known as the great cycle) like they belong there (explained in chapter ten of the book). These parallels between isolated cultures on opposite sides of the globe are more than mere coincidence. It goes way beyond the human element.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design currently assumes a Supreme Being apart from reality that is responsible for how reality came to exist. I had a mystical experience that revealed that the Supreme Being is not apart from reality, but is the very foundation of reality itself. (The experience is revealed in chapter three of the book.) Be aware that "being" does not imply anything resembling a human. It implies existence. There are scriptures that warn against regarding God as having any form known to man. Our current definition of God is what clouds the whole issue.

Quantum  energy fields (directly related to string theory) are what is doing the creating. They are everywhere and they are invisible. The right brain hemisphere (see mystery of the split brain) sees the forces of creation as a creator (hence the term Supreme Being), whereas the left brain hemisphere sees the forces of creation as mathematical models. They are both looking at the same thing, but they see it in two entirely different formats.

In the ancient world, the forces of nature were personified. These personifications were the polytheistic gods of the ancient world. In time, the idea of a monotheistic God arose that was above all the other forces. It would come to be known as the Supreme Being. All other gods emanated from the Supreme Being.

During the Renaissance, humanity shifted to a left-brain orientation where the scientific method dominates our way of thinking. Here again the forces of nature were all perceived as separate. In time, they all came to be unified under the unified field theory of physics. Both perspectives (right and left brain) came to the same conclusion of a common denominator by independent means. And in fact, the right brain saw it intuitively over three thousand years before the left brain deduced it mathematically. Unfortunately "alpha male" psychology has influenced religious leaders to regard the common denominator as a male deity despite the fact that their own scriptures would challenge that whole idea.

Evolution tells us how life came into being. We can trace the building blocks of life all the way back to a common source. This is what is called reductionism. It is all based on structure: organism → organic systems → organs → cells → molecules → atoms → protons, neutrons, and electrons → quantum energy fields. The opposite is the pathway of upward causation. But what determines the values of quantum energy fields responsible for this progression? And what makes them universally constant throughout the cosmos?
Regardless of whether you think in right or left brain, you cannot begin to comprehend the answer to these questions. This is what is referred to as the ineffable mystery. You can imagine a primary (atomic) structure that accounts for all the known phenomena in the universe, but you cannot attempt to comprehend how or why such a structure came to exist, completely unchanged throughout the cosmos. There is no explanation of how this structure came to be, only that it exists, and that it is the basis of all that has come into being because of it. Evolution is reductionism in reverse, and this structure dictates what the possibilities are! It can put any engineer to shame. And there is nothing that can be created by humans that this structure does not allow for. Our interest in particle accelerators is based on the premise that if we can understand the workings of the most fundamental particles of matter, that we can understand everything else, because they are the ulitimate creator of all things. Current views of Intelligent Design confuses what is doing the creating with a personified anthropomorphic male deity. The personification is man-made. What is doing the creating is not.

Think of it in this way; when the big-bang occurred, there were no sub-atomic particles, there were no atoms or molecules, there were no stars or planets, for the temperature was too extreme for anything physical to exist. As the temperature dropped, sub-atomic particles came out of hiding. As the temperature dropped further, elementary hydrogen was formed. In time, gravity would pull the hydrogen together, eventually forming stars, and as the star's interior increased by the force of gravity, hydrogen fusion would ignite the stars. In time, stars would exhaust their fuel and many would explode, filling the cosmic soup with the elements that were forged in these stars (they are listed in the periodic table of the elements).

The first mystery is that the properties of sub-atomic particles are consistent throughout the cosmos regardless of location. The second mystery is that atoms have an organized and highly precise structure that is also consistent throughout the cosmos regardless of location. The third mystery is that the values at which nuclear fusions occur are also precise and consistent throughout the cosmos, as well as the values and properties of all the elements of the periodic table that are produced by the fusion process. The forth mystery is that molecular formations are all guided by what is known as the octet rule in chemistry. Given these facts, it was inevitable from the moment of the big-bang that sub-atomic particles having precise values would precipitate out, that elementary hydrogen would form, that stars would form, that nuclear fusion building up the table of the elements would occur, that star explosions would populate the cosmos with the elements that would be necessary for life to form, and that the processes of life that would lead to molecular biology were already accounted for long before any of it came into existence. This is the principle upon which intelligent design is built. As to whether every cell and every type of organism that would come into existence was also already accounted for is highly questionable, based on the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which implies that given the same initial conditions, more than one outcome is possible. What we can say however, is that the matrix upon which life is built is not manmade. The processes of life are not manmade. The fundamental laws of nature are not manmade. The values of the properties of nature are not manmade. They are all part of a universal order that far exceeds any human capacity. They built the entire universe. We are merely adding to the original design, bound by what nature will allow us to do.

Quantum  energy fields exist through their own volition. We only know of them by the effects they produce. We can know nothing more about their origins, hence they are supernatural. Quantum energy fields know how to build a universe because they have. They know how to create life because they have. They are not deaf, dumb, and blind as the atheist believes. They are the universal engineer. The human engineer who understands them can better do his work. Quantum energy fields are the source from which all rules are derived. They are what God is. Without them, the universe as we know it would simply dissolve into nothing.

The Mayan calendar gives us the notion that upward causation is all happening on cue. When you look at the Mayan calendar and compare it to the geological and historical record (see section on the Mayan calendar), there are too many things that fit into specific time segments as if they were pre-destined to occur when they did. It is too intriguing to ignore.

We see the universe from a limited vantage point. We call ourselves intelligent, but the primary structure that supports upward causation must support our very intelligence. To say that we are smarter than what created us is very naïve. It created an entire universe, and we participate in adding to its creation by creating advanced structures (all supported by the very stuff that made us) in a very miniscule segment of that universe. Maybe one day our own creations (artificial intelligence) will say that they are the intelligent result of non-intelligent beings (humans). It would be a fitting irony.

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