The Merging of Two Worlds
  Roy E. Bourque      
About the Author

Roy E. Bourque, author of The Merging of Two Worlds: The Convergence of Scientific and Religious Thought

Roy Bourque was raised as a Roman Catholic. At an early age, he had a life transforming experience that would begin the process that would make this book a reality. Throughout his life, experiences would add pieces to a puzzle. And then one day, the puzzle would all come together.

Roy Bourque was trained in the nuclear power field of the U.S. Navy where he received his base education. He further conducted independent research into scientific and religious studies spanning over twenty-five years. Having had mystical experiences, Roy was able to integrate religious concepts with scientific facts that brought them to a whole new level of understanding. He blends evolution, split-brain psychology, Judaism, Christianity, Eastern philosophy, and the Mayan Calendar in a manner that is truly enlightening.

Having served as the control room supervisor for Norwich Public Utilities, Roy is currently retired as a homeowner in Norwich, Connecticut. He has a wife and two stepchildren. He is a licensed private pilot and an active member of the Civil Air Patrol. His hobbies include photography and theatrical lighting design.

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